Friday, November 10, 2017

Dr. Clyde Rivers Wins Congressional Peace Award

In Chicago, Illinois on October 29, 2017 at the Congressional Gala Award Night, Dr. Clyde Rivers, Chief Chancellor of United Graduate College and Seminary International and Founder and President of iChange Nations™ won the first Danny K. Davis Peace Prize Award.

Congressman Danny K. Davis is a legendary Congressman fighting to better the lives of all people in his Congressional District in the State of Illinois. He is a legendary Congressman working with entities like the Multi-Ethnic Advisory Task Force.

“This is one of the biggest honors of my life to receive the first Peace Prize Award in the name of this icon Danny K. Davis, a true public servant paving the way and mentoring the next generation,” says Dr. Rivers. He goes on to say, “Congressman Danny K. Davis is teaching and exemplifying ethics and integrity in the political arenas. He is a true statesman for all politicians to look up to. We still have much work to be done in the arenas of peace around the world. With leadership like Danny K. Davis we have a chance to make a lasting change.”

The Danny K. Davis Peace Prize Award will be a yearly award given to the top peacekeepers in the world. Dr. Rivers wishes to thank, the Multi-Ethnic Advisory Task Force for the nomination of this award. 

Sunday, July 30, 2017

UGCSI Chancellor Speaks at Invest and Lead Summit in Burundi

Chancellor, Professor Michal P. Pitzl joins business men and women from around the world at the 1st Edition Burundi Invest and Lead Summit in Burundi, Africa. The summit consisted of a conference and country tour to connect and partner with various businesses throughout Burundi. Prof. Michal Pitzl remarks, “Nowhere have I ever seen an entire nation build itself so strategically and with integrity as in Burundi. Such a small nation, yet so powerful in vision and purpose. It is an honor to partner with Burundi to build a nation.”

The nation of Burundi is investing in the young generation to build a brighter future for Burundi. Prof. Pitzl and Chief Chancellor of United graduate College and Seminary International, Professor Clyde Rivers, spoke at a youth conference during their visit, encouraging and empowering the young people to seek entrepreneurship opportunities and fostered a sense of patriotism in order to build strong unity in the country. “The nation of Burundi is peaceful and growing,” says Prof. Pitzl. United Graduate College and Seminary International is excited to partner innovative Skills and Philosophy programs to encourage the young people of Burundi to “mind their own gold.”

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Prof. Donella Pitzl (center) with other recipients

Professor Dr. Donella Pitzl, Vice Chancellor of United Graduate College and Seminary International, has been nominated to the prestigious level of a Fellow of the Brinson Institute. This award is given to academic scholars that have excelled and brought new knowledge into the realm of academia. Vice Chancellor Pitzl, with her award winning Innovative Leadership Program, has been qualified by the Board of Regents of the Brinson Institute to be appointed a Fellow in the area of Human Development.

Her Innovative Leadership education model has been used to facilitate peace accords in nations. It is being used in education models and for some, because of their education in Professor Donella’s Innovative Leadership training, they have been nominated for major awards and are changing their communities.

Professor Pitzl says, “A special thank you to United Graduate College and Seminary International for giving me the ability to be innovative and creative in building curriculum that is going all over the world. I am very overwhelmed by this gesture from the Brinson Institute to appoint me as a Fellow, thank you Dr. Sylvester Paul Brinson III and your Board of Regents. The Brinson Institute has 30 different schools working within their auspice. This recognition comes with my highest regards.”

“At UGCSI we are bringing a new model of education to international Christian education.” Professor Donella goes on to say. “An education based on skills AND philosophy. Education to the world through UGCSI is changing; we are bringing a new model. We are looking to draw out the individual students’ contribution to the world. If our education model can accomplish this, then we will see a much better world around us. A world with everyone bringing their God-given gift to the table of life. Developing mankind into their unique ability to help the world is at the heart of my desire as an educator. The importance of this Fellow with the Brinson Institute gives me the ability to further my philosophy of education worldwide.”

In addition to the offering of the Fellow with Brinson Institute, Professor Donella Pitzl has been awarded the prestigious global World Civility Ambassador Award, first given to Former President of Zambia, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, one of the last living freedom fighters for the continent of Africa. Professor Donella has also received a Golden Rule International World Peace Ambassadorship. 

Friday, March 17, 2017


Rev. Klero Ingayo has completed his Masters Degree in Christian Leadership. He has been such an inspiration to many around him and has skillfully attracted other students to UGCSI in South Sudan. Klero Ingayo is a pastor that has great influence in his country and works along side others that represent UGCSI in South Sudan. Together they are working to help their country come to peace and realize their need for true Godly Leadership to help guide this new republic. We are very happy to have this great man as part of our UGCSI family.


Rev. Ingayo wrote these words to us:

I am Rev. Klero Onuha Ingayo, a South Sudanese by nationality, born on January 27th, 1967 in Lohutok, South Sudan, and was raised up in a non-Christian family. I became involved in Church activities in 1974 such as Sunday school, youth programs and now I’m a pastor. Thus, I strongly believed and felt that God has a purpose for me to do some definite ministry, specifically among my tribesmen who have not heard the message of Salvation and even beyond to the unreached people of South Sudan. That is why God directed me to UGCSI to be equipped for this great service. I have decided willingly to service in order to win to bring leadership improvement to the church.

Now I’m the program manager for the Bible Society South of South Sudan, writing project proposals and running the trauma healing program. It is not an easy responsibility as our country is going through political and economic crisis and conflicts is all around the country. What I have in my mind is what I have learned from UGCSI. I did learn leadership and it has helped me as I’m managing this Church institution.  I use what I learned from UGCSI and pray that God will use me to be an example in this institution. My appreciation to the Board of UGCSI, Chief Chancellor Clyde Rivers, Chancellor Michal Pitzl, and my Professor Donella Pitzl.

God blessings to you all,
Klero Onuha Ingayo


Drasi Bua Caesar is a graduating PhD student from the Republic of South Sudan. He has been an exceptional student in the midst of much hardship in his country and challenges to complete his education. We are very honored to have this great man as a student and soon to be alumni with United Graduate College and Seminary International.


Drasi Bua Caesar writes:

I am so grateful and proud to be a student of United Graduate College and Seminary International for the last two years. In the first place, I thank the Board of Admission for accepting me to study in UGCSI.     

I have enrolled in United Graduate College and Seminary International to study a doctoral degree in Christian Leadership.  With great delight, I would like to testify that, I have enjoyed my studies at UGCSI for two main reasons:

1)    UGCSI courses are carefully selected to suit the contemporary challenges Christian leaders face in the ministry. The courses are designed to provide strategies appropriate to Christian leadership and its real life issues. The courses engage leaders in finding practical solutions to counteract their given situations.  
2)  UGCSI has well qualified and experienced instructors. In particular, I am so grateful to Professor Donella Pitzl.  She took me through my course work and dissertation, her intrinsic motivation born out of deep seated passion for educating a man like me, has became a source of inspiration to me.  That is, her thorough and smart academic work in mentoring and her exhibition of high degree of mastery of the subject posed a great impression on me. An impact I will ever live to emulate. She is such a wonderful mentor, with the spirit of patience, focus and promptness with evaluation of assignments I have sent to her.

For sure, all those who went through UGCSI and through whom UGCSI went would agree with me on this fact. Henceforth, join me friends to blow the trumpet of UGCSI’s goodness wherever you are  serving the Almighty God.     

Thursday, March 9, 2017


Prof. Donella Pitzl with UGCSI Alumni Gabriel Mwamba
and Stanford Chifita

In January of 2017, in Lusaka Zambia, United Graduate College and Seminary International Chief Chancellor, Prof. Clyde Rivers and Vice Chancellor, Prof. Donella Pitzl had the honor of presenting an Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy in Humanities to Stanford Chifita. 

Our Honor System has established a new culture. It is a culture that believes the ones that have done the job are worthy to receive the same title as those that have labored in the education system. An Honorary Award is given for what has been accomplished by the recipient. UGCSI holds to a skills and philosophy education model. 

Stanford Chifita has more than exemplified UGCSI's skills and philosophy standard in his life's work to advance God's Kingdom through Television and Radio. He started from nothing, with little to any knowledge of what it would take to build his vision of having a broadcasting station. His hard work and creative mind created the largest digital Faith-based TV and Radio Station in Zambia. Within his business he is training young people in the art of broadcasting, reporting and the technical skills of broadcasting. His skills have created a philosophy that is creating jobs and teaching skills for life. He has been such a success that the country is looking to him to train other broadcasters in digital broadcasting. Zambia has been in an analogy system and is now requiring broadcaster to convert to digital. Revelation TV Broadcasting, Chifita's company, has been called upon to help the country in this conversion. 

Vice Chancellor, Prof. Donella Pitzl commented for this article. "I was privileged to present Stanford Chifita with his Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy in Humanities in Lusaka Zambia. This man was so humble and overwhelmed by this presentation. He later shared that he had been praying about what he should do because the country was going to require a degree for him to continue to own his own broadcasting company. When we met him and saw his work, Chief Chancellor Prof. Rivers and I felt we were to award him with this Honorary Degree. As it turned out, this was the answer to his prayers. He can now keep his life's work and move forward. It was an example of how powerful honor is and what can come from it. His work was an example of the heart of what UGCSI believes about skills and philosophy education."