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Chief Chancellor Worldwide, Prof. Clyde Rivers with Miss Marisa Dean

This summer, 2014, a delegation of interested people set off for the Republic of Burundi, Africa to attend their National Youth Conference. They were able to observe and discover first hand an amazing phenomenon. Burundi Africa is experiencing growth and change. The people are uniting to build their nation into something they can be proud of.

One of the youth delegates, Marisa Dean, a student with United Graduate College and Seminar International, had this to say about her experiences. "I wanted to understand how groups of people actually create change from the lens of looking at a whole country. Understanding their needs and the correct way to supply those needs." She went on to tell us after her visit and experiencing the environment of Burundi, "In my observation, Burundi is being structurally rebuilt under new principles, under the alignment of Godly principles." Miss Dean expressed how she observed the effect of this in the peaceful environment throughout the country. She said, "It was inspiring."

This is the New Burundi

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Chancellor Michal Pitzl Attends Burundi Youth Coalition in Action

United Graduate College and Seminary Intl. Chancellor,
Prof. Michal Pitzl Pictured with Burundian Youth

Professor Albert Nasasagare, the Founder of Youth in Action Coalition, kicked off his national campaign in the county of Burundi Africa last week. There were four Youth in Action Coalition Training Centers opened, in four different Providences in the country of Burundi this month. United Graduate College and Seminary International's, Chancellor Prof. Michal Pitzl, had the privilege of attending the monumental gathering.

Burundi's Ambassador at Large, Ambassador Clyde Rivers commented saying, “This is a very important day for Burundi Africa because the young people of the nation are establishing training centers to help other youth become entrepreneurs. Any nation of the world that sees their youth taking initiative to create business in their nation will be a force in the economics of the world. What I appreciate the most about the young people of this country – they are taking responsibility for the leadership and the economic empowerment of their own nation. What a great day for the Republic of Burundi Africa!”

Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Theory of Christian Psychology Comes From the Worldview That Sees Humanity as the Object of a Love Relationship with Jesus Christ – Part 1

Gilbert Ken Quarcoopome
Gilbert Ken Quarcoopome is a Masters student with United Graduation College and Seminary International. He is focusing his studies for his Masters Degree on Christian Psychology. He is aspiring to be a person that will help change the world. Gilbert is an online student in Ghana Africa and has already completed his Bachelor Degree with UGCSI.


Christian Psychology is more commonly called "Biblical Psychology." While it is true that the Bible was not written as a textbook on psychology, and it nowhere sets forth any complete psychology theories, yet we shall see that we are correct in formulating a system of biblical psychology. The Bible no more seeks to set forth a system of psychology than it does of ethics, theology, or any other science. Every subject of the Word of God grows throughout the Bible as the Holy Spirit adds details, here by a type, there by the recounting of some historical dealing of God with sinner or saint, sometimes by explicit command, at others by way of illustration, until the growing picture is complete in ethics, morality, philosophy of life, and, therefore, also in Psychology.
The Bible, many times in one verse, will reveal to us more true psychology than all the textbooks ever written on psychoanalysis, that is, the hidden reason for all of man's emotional instability, fear complexes, insecurity, evil fixations, immoral, unethical behavior, frustrations, distractions, anxieties and disintegrations. We are just as correct, therefore, in studying biblical or Christian Psychology as we are studying Christian Ethics, Christian Theology, and Christian Dogma.
Certainly, since we believe that the Bible is the very Word of God and inspired, fully and infallible as given in the original, then it speaks not with the guesses, suppositions, assumptions and errors as man-made sciences; but it speaks with the very wisdom of the God who made man, "And needs not that any should testify of man for He knew what was in man."
When the Bible speaks of sin as the underlying cause of all maladjustments, and disorganization of personality, it speaks with God's own wisdom and it gives the true cause of our behavior pattern. If Psychology is, both the study of man's mental and emotional makeup as well as the study of human behavior, then there is no other source with any comparable degree of authority as the Word of God to unmask the heart and mind of man and to tell him the why of his darkened mind and evil hardened heart.
 Where else can the real permanent total cure be found, psychologically, for all the personality ills of mankind? The Psychologists say the answer is in psychiatry and psychology. God says the answer is in regeneration, which brings a man back into harmony and fellowship with God.
Francis A. Schaeffer says, “The basic psychological problem is trying to be what we are not, and trying to carry what we cannot carry. Most of all, the basic problem is not being willing to be the creatures we are before the Creator.”  

Part 1 - Excerpts from paper by UGCSI Masters of Christian Psychology student, Gilbert Ken Quarcoopome

Dr. Clyde Rivers Wins Humanitarian of the Year Award

Dr. Clyde Rivers at Thomas Brown Christian College

The prestigious Thomas Brown Christian College of Dallas Texas, presents Dr. Clyde Rivers with the Humanitarian of the Year Award.

Thomas Brown Christian College has followed the work of Dr. Clyde Rivers this year as he worked establishing the Golden Rule International Award, a highly ethical global award that honors people whose lives exemplify honoring others. The Golden Rule ethic is “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” The President of Thomas Brown Christian College, Dr. Omega Brown, was very please to congratulate Dr. Rivers on his fine work around the world. Sharing that the college was very proud to present him with this award.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Republic of Suriname Ambassador Fidelia Graand-Galon Honored by UGCSI

Ambassador Graand-Galon with Chief Chancellor Clyde Rivers

In April 2014 it was a great privilege for United Graduate College and Seminary International, to recognize Ambassador Fidelia Graand-Galon of the Republic of Suriname, South America with an Honorary Doctorate in Humanities. This ceremony took place at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum and Library in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  

Chief Chancellor of Education Worldwide for United Graduate College and Seminary International, Professor Clyde Rivers says, “It is with great privilege that we have honored this outstanding woman with an Honorary Doctorate in Humanities. With the heart of a great humanitarian she has modeled strength and courage for her people and the people of the Caribbean. She is one of the most amazing women in the world. The story of Ambassador Graand-Galon’s life and how she has overcome adversity is unprecedented. She now stands as a champion and as a true statesman for her country and the women of her nation. She has represented her nation with great dignity and respect. She is an asset to the United Graduate College and Seminary International family.”

United Graduate College and Seminary International was founded in 1982 by Dr. Martin Wisor and is in over 50 nations and has over 100,000 graduates. This online college and seminary is based out of Mars Hill, North Carolina USA.

UGCSI Honors Former Guatemalan Congressman, Carlos Velasquez Perez

Carlos Perez Receiving Award From Chief Chancellor Professor Clyde Rivers 

In April 2014 it was a great privilege for United Graduate College and Seminary International, to recognize Former Congressman for Guatemala, Carlos Velasquez Perez, with an Honorary Doctorate in Humanities. This ceremony took place at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum and Library in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  

Chief Chancellor of Education Worldwide for United Graduate College and Seminary International, Professor Clyde Rivers says, “It is with great privilege that we have honored this man of integrity with an Honorary Doctorate in Humanities. With the heart of a great humanitarian he has modeled integrity and strong character to the next generation in Guatemala. He truly cares for his people”

United Graduate College and Seminary International was founded in 1982 by Dr. Martin Wisor and is in over 50 nations and has over 100,000 graduates. This online college and seminary is based out of Mars Hill, North Carolina USA.

Monday, March 31, 2014

UGCSI 2014 Newsletter

UGCSI Chancellor Prof. Michal P. Pitzl

Looking Back & Always Moving Forward

A Year of Growing and Learning
The year 2013 proved to be a year of learning, growing and building for United Graduate College and Seminary International  (UGCSI). UGCSI must be an ever-changing institution as it continues to make biblical education attainable anywhere in the world. UGCSI is in the business of infecting people’s thinking with the correct information. In order to remain on the cutting edge of international biblical online education we must change and move and grow.

The new global educator must be ready to change as new technology changes how people want education delivered. In an article published by in 2012, “50 Striking Statistics about Distance Learning in Higher Education,” statistics show that more students are taking online courses in their higher education programs. The demand for online courses from the business world and from student populations is forcing traditional schools and their administration and faculty to find better ways to provide more effective online courses for their higher education programs.

In 2013 UGCSI began to revamp its entire system, including curriculum, which will be coming down in 2014. UGCSI’s Academic and Advisory Councils engaged in research and development to upgrade our curriculum to be more Kingdom minded. The Councils also explored the possibility of creating a unique international citation system for writing.

At UGCSI we have developed a system that enables us to tailor make programs to fit the needs of individuals and their countries. Our education system is becoming more specialized, something that also addresses the hearts and minds of the next generation of learners. Next generation learners are technologically savvy and are looking for specialized programs that meet their unique needs. As the needs of the world change, UGCSI is seeking to change to meet those needs. For this reason 2013 was a major year of instructional training for our staff. Our international instructors come from various countries around the world, including Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa, South Sudan and the USA, to name a few. These next generation educators are training for the move forward.

A New Year of Expansion
The global effect of UGCSI is taking off. In 2014 we are expanding into Latin America and also the Caribbean. We have new professors that have started working with our international institution. There is a great hunger for effective biblical education in the world, and the computer gives us the access to go anywhere in the world. Top global leaders are excited to work with our global online education system that can reach the masses because of its ability to change and adapt.

Prof. Christopher Douglas out of Trinidad and Tobago joins our team. Dr. Douglas is a former lecturer, Vice President and National Director for various Bible colleges and schools in the Caribbean. He also founded Ministry Gifts Bible Institute.

Prof. Arkanjelo Wani Lemi joins us from South Sudan where he and other church leaders mediated the recent conflict in South Sudan. Prof. Lemi is also the founder of Sudan Christian University.

Prof. Jared Onyari comes to us from Kenya where he specializes in peace building, conflict transformation and human rights. He has also been awarded numerous honors, including the honor of Ambassador of Peace by the Universal Peace Federation.

Prof. David Ssali is a naturopathic doctor and health educator based out of Kampala, Uganda. He produces herbal medicines and aims to empower people through health education. Prof. Ssali has mentored diplomats, government officials, and students at colleges and seminaries and whole communities throughout his country.

We welcome these great leaders and the leaders and learners they represent in their regions to our family at United Graduate College and Seminary International.

Please read the article below for highlights on other great leaders who were recently honored by UGCSI.

Preparing for what is Ahead
In the coming days begin to change your mind at a new level. As a next generation student or educator, you should be ever learning. Every great leader knows that nobody gets to the top and stays there without hard work and diligence. We can never become an institution that makes copies. Originals keep things progressing and moving forward. We must continue our education and find ways to better ourselves everyday. We must hunger to learn more about our craft. At UGCSI we will provide some of the resources and guidance you need, but how can you develop yourself and your craft.

We want to hear from you. What is your unique idea for online education, kingdom and ministry education, curriculum planning, communications and student relations (just to name a few)? Please contact our Chancellor of Operations, Prof. Donella Pitzl ( as you better yourself and have feedback for UGCSI. The future of international ministry education is waiting for your unique idea.
Article - The Investigator – Uganda’s first online tabloid
Details Category: Business News Published on 10 December 2013 Hits: 460
Business gurus Mukwano, Karim Hirji, Bitature, Elly Karuhanga, Principal Judge Bamwine and Dr Ssali clinch honorary degrees and professorships
By Robert Ndawula
Sixteen eminent Ugandans who have excelled in business, scientific research and judicial circles, are due to be rewarded with honorary doctorates and professorships.
The list has Patrick Bitature a promoter of investment and chairman Uganda investment authority and Australia envoy.
Karim Hirji is a leading industrialist and Hotelier well known for his Imperial Hotel Group and other investments in Kampala and Entebbe.  
Dr David Ssali is the brain behind Dama Medicinal Herbs. He started his research by studying & understanding people's lifestyles, nutrition & hygiene. Ssali discovered that for the skin to suffer various ailments the body was trying to get rid of toxic waste.
Rwamirama Bright a politician and former army officer is also known for his promotion of research in animal food production. He serves as the minster for agriculture, animal industry and fisheries.
Elly Karuhanga is a pioneer investor in oil and Gas industry he also serves as the chairman Tullow oil and legal consultant. These and others will be awarded with doctorate and professorship.
The Chief Chancellor of the United Graduate College and Seminary Intl. (UGCSI) Prof. Clyde Rivers, accompanied by the Chancellor Makerere University Prof. Mondo Kagonyera will lead the awarding ceremony on Saturday 14th December 2013 at Serena Conference Centre.
The Prime Minister of Uganda Rt. Hon. Amama Mbabazi will be the Guest of Honor.
The United Graduate College and Seminary Intl. is represented and coordinated in Uganda by H.E. Dr. Boney Katatumba the Hon. Envoy of Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Uganda. He was also awarded Doctorate in 2010 including, MTN Chief Dr. Charles Mbiire, his mother Dr.Tereza Mbiire, former National Water MD, Prof. William Muhairwe, Dr.Tom Buruku, Dr. Hasmuk Dawrda, Dr. Robert Kayanja and his wife Dr. Jessica Kayanja.
Dr. Katatumba revealed that the University honors and awards people who have exemplary achievements in society and help the poor and help the disadvantaged.
Dr. Katatumba said it’s important to recognize and honor with Doctorates not only academicians but also people who have visible achievements that make better lives in society by creating employment, assisting the poor among others.
He further said you sometimes meet an academic PhD who still rides boda boda or matatu, in rented flats, with no home in his village as compared to a Doctorate by Honor who has big development project and visible success; such are the people UGCSI with award Doctorates and Professorships on the 14th Dec.
UGCSI has another high level category of honoring political Heads of State. H.E. Museveni was honored for great leadership in establishing and maintaining peace in Uganda.
Joachim Chissano former President of Mozambique was honored for his good governance and being the only president in African history to turn power over early in his career as President of Mozambique, Vice President of Kenya, Kalonzo Musyoka honored for efforts of promoting peace in Kenya, Sudan and Burundi. Pierre Nkurunziza for promoting peace after 12 years civil war between Tutsi and Hutu tribes. Former President Obasanjo of Nigeria honored for anti corruption policies introduced in Nigeria, President Wolde Giorgio of Ethiopia honored for efforts to build a better environment in his country.
Dr. Katatumba concluded by quoting the Bible: “You will be honored if you honor others” He said it’s a pleasure to be associated with appreciating other people’s achievements before he dies.
Angella Katatumba and the Magic Hornz Band will be performing live At the Prestigious Award Ceremony.