Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Ambassador Clyde Rivers, First Lady Denise Nkurunziza, Celina Gonzalez

On August 5, 2014 in Washington DC, the Christian Latin Business Association Humanitarian Award was presented to the First Lady of Burundi Africa, Denise Nkurunziza. The award was presented to the First Lady by Alama Vision Television personality, Celina Gonzalez. Celina Gonzalez commented, “We are honored and privileged to present the First Lady of Burundi with this prestigious award for her outstanding work to help the underprivileged of the world, as well as, the work she is doing through the Buntu Foundation in Burundi to empower women.” The Christian Latin Business Association Humanitarian Award is presented to leading humanitarians globally.

Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers said, “The First Lady of Burundi has an Honorary Doctorate with United Graduate College and Seminary International. It is an honor to have one of our Alumni with such a life style of helping and encouraging widows in her country. She is a leader that is doing the job of empowering women. First Lady Denise Nkurunziza also is the leader of The Buntu Foundation. Her foundation is in the process of building a city to help the underprivileged in her country.”

Monday, October 27, 2014


Mayor Chuck Reed with Dr. Clyde Rivers
In San Jose, California on October 18, 2014, UGCSI Chief Chancellor, Dr. Clyde Rivers was surprised and honored by the presentation of the Martin Luther King Legacy of Peace Award.  The President of the Martin Luther King Foundation, of the Santa Clarita Valley, Kathleen Flynn and the Mayor of San Jose, Chuck Reed and other respected officials, presented the award to Dr. Clyde Rivers.

The Martin Luther King Foundation has been active in the Santa Clarita Valley for well over 30 years. Every year this organization chooses to honor the top mountain movers whose lives are representative of the great work Dr. Martin Luther King accomplished in his life, Civil Rights Laws in the United States of America. Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers said, “I’m very humbled by the Legacy of Peace Award from the pioneer of peace, Dr. Martin Luther King through this prestigious foundation.”

There is great work being accomplished by Ambassador Rivers and the Interfaith Peace-Building Initiative, Golden Rule International Award, as well as Dr. Clyde Rivers’ organization, iChange Nations. Together they are in over 120 nations of the world proclaiming the Golden Rule, “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers went on the say, “I believe this Global Ethic can change the world. The work of iChange Nations, dedicated to bringing back the lost art of honor around the world, along with the Golden Rule International Award, are the key to global transformation - working to keep peace alive.”


Ambassador Clyde Rivers on Capital Hill
This February 5, 2014 in Washington DC, the Annual National Prayer Breakfast is scheduled to take place. Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers has been invited to partake in this great gathering.

Dr. Clyde Rivers is the Founder and President of iChange Nations. It seems appropriate that Ambassador Rivers would be a part of the gathering of both national leaders and more than 130 representatives of other nations seeking to build and strengthen international ties through spirituality, love of God, and care for each other.  Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers said, “It is indeed a great honor to receive this invitation and I look forward to making great connections with others from around the world.”

Dr. Clyde Rivers’ mission through iChange Nations™ is to bring back the lost art of honor by building a culture that recognizes individuals throughout the world, those who have accomplished extraordinary humanitarian efforts to effectively change nations. iChange Nations, with its collaborative partners, have implemented an International Honorary Award infrastructure. This infrastructure empowers and equips citizens and alumni members with the tools needed to effectively pursue and transform the world.

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Prof. Clyde Rivers with Carlos Perez

Prof. Clyde Rivers, Chief Chancellor Worldwide for United Graduate College and Seminary International presented honorary degrees to topmost achievers for their noble work to better the nation of Guatemala. Prof. Rivers said, "The message of peace is spreading worldwide." 

Prof. Rivers is the President and Founder of iChange Nations and the Director of the North American Division of the Interfaith Peace-Building Initiative and was also able to present the prestigious Golden Rule International Award at this gathering to recipients whose lives are exemplifying the Golden Rule, "Treat others the way you want to be treated."

Mauricio Juarez, in an advisory position for iChange Nations Guatemala, put together an influential delegation of politicians and spiritual leaders to hear the message of peace and unity. Prof. Clyde Rivers said, “It is a day to be glad, when the political arena and the spiritual arena connect for the betterment of a nation. These two groups are creating great ideas to bring peace and unity to the nation of Guatemala.”

The mission of iChange Nations™ is to bring back the lost art of honor by building a culture that recognizes individuals throughout the world, those who have accomplished extraordinary humanitarian efforts to effectively change nations. iChange Nations, with its collaborative partners, have implemented an International Honorary Award infrastructure. This infrastructure empowers and equips citizens and alumni members with the tools needed to effectively pursue and transform the world.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Chief Chancellor Worldwide, Prof. Clyde Rivers with Miss Marisa Dean

This summer, 2014, a delegation of interested people set off for the Republic of Burundi, Africa to attend their National Youth Conference. They were able to observe and discover first hand an amazing phenomenon. Burundi Africa is experiencing growth and change. The people are uniting to build their nation into something they can be proud of.

One of the youth delegates, Marisa Dean, a student with United Graduate College and Seminar International, had this to say about her experiences. "I wanted to understand how groups of people actually create change from the lens of looking at a whole country. Understanding their needs and the correct way to supply those needs." She went on to tell us after her visit and experiencing the environment of Burundi, "In my observation, Burundi is being structurally rebuilt under new principles, under the alignment of Godly principles." Miss Dean expressed how she observed the effect of this in the peaceful environment throughout the country. She said, "It was inspiring."

This is the New Burundi

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Chancellor Michal Pitzl Attends Burundi Youth Coalition in Action

United Graduate College and Seminary Intl. Chancellor,
Prof. Michal Pitzl Pictured with Burundian Youth

Professor Albert Nasasagare, the Founder of Youth in Action Coalition, kicked off his national campaign in the county of Burundi Africa last week. There were four Youth in Action Coalition Training Centers opened, in four different Providences in the country of Burundi this month. United Graduate College and Seminary International's, Chancellor Prof. Michal Pitzl, had the privilege of attending the monumental gathering.

Burundi's Ambassador at Large, Ambassador Clyde Rivers commented saying, “This is a very important day for Burundi Africa because the young people of the nation are establishing training centers to help other youth become entrepreneurs. Any nation of the world that sees their youth taking initiative to create business in their nation will be a force in the economics of the world. What I appreciate the most about the young people of this country – they are taking responsibility for the leadership and the economic empowerment of their own nation. What a great day for the Republic of Burundi Africa!”

Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Theory of Christian Psychology Comes From the Worldview That Sees Humanity as the Object of a Love Relationship with Jesus Christ – Part 1

Gilbert Ken Quarcoopome
Gilbert Ken Quarcoopome is a Masters student with United Graduation College and Seminary International. He is focusing his studies for his Masters Degree on Christian Psychology. He is aspiring to be a person that will help change the world. Gilbert is an online student in Ghana Africa and has already completed his Bachelor Degree with UGCSI.


Christian Psychology is more commonly called "Biblical Psychology." While it is true that the Bible was not written as a textbook on psychology, and it nowhere sets forth any complete psychology theories, yet we shall see that we are correct in formulating a system of biblical psychology. The Bible no more seeks to set forth a system of psychology than it does of ethics, theology, or any other science. Every subject of the Word of God grows throughout the Bible as the Holy Spirit adds details, here by a type, there by the recounting of some historical dealing of God with sinner or saint, sometimes by explicit command, at others by way of illustration, until the growing picture is complete in ethics, morality, philosophy of life, and, therefore, also in Psychology.
The Bible, many times in one verse, will reveal to us more true psychology than all the textbooks ever written on psychoanalysis, that is, the hidden reason for all of man's emotional instability, fear complexes, insecurity, evil fixations, immoral, unethical behavior, frustrations, distractions, anxieties and disintegrations. We are just as correct, therefore, in studying biblical or Christian Psychology as we are studying Christian Ethics, Christian Theology, and Christian Dogma.
Certainly, since we believe that the Bible is the very Word of God and inspired, fully and infallible as given in the original, then it speaks not with the guesses, suppositions, assumptions and errors as man-made sciences; but it speaks with the very wisdom of the God who made man, "And needs not that any should testify of man for He knew what was in man."
When the Bible speaks of sin as the underlying cause of all maladjustments, and disorganization of personality, it speaks with God's own wisdom and it gives the true cause of our behavior pattern. If Psychology is, both the study of man's mental and emotional makeup as well as the study of human behavior, then there is no other source with any comparable degree of authority as the Word of God to unmask the heart and mind of man and to tell him the why of his darkened mind and evil hardened heart.
 Where else can the real permanent total cure be found, psychologically, for all the personality ills of mankind? The Psychologists say the answer is in psychiatry and psychology. God says the answer is in regeneration, which brings a man back into harmony and fellowship with God.
Francis A. Schaeffer says, “The basic psychological problem is trying to be what we are not, and trying to carry what we cannot carry. Most of all, the basic problem is not being willing to be the creatures we are before the Creator.”  

Part 1 - Excerpts from paper by UGCSI Masters of Christian Psychology student, Gilbert Ken Quarcoopome