Thursday, March 9, 2017


Prof. Donella Pitzl with UGCSI Alumni Gabriel Mwamba
and Stanford Chifita

In January of 2017, in Lusaka Zambia, United Graduate College and Seminary International Chief Chancellor, Prof. Clyde Rivers and Vice Chancellor, Prof. Donella Pitzl had the honor of presenting an Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy in Humanities to Stanford Chifita. 

Our Honor System has established a new culture. It is a culture that believes the ones that have done the job are worthy to receive the same title as those that have labored in the education system. An Honorary Award is given for what has been accomplished by the recipient. UGCSI holds to a skills and philosophy education model. 

Stanford Chifita has more than exemplified UGCSI's skills and philosophy standard in his life's work to advance God's Kingdom through Television and Radio. He started from nothing, with little to any knowledge of what it would take to build his vision of having a broadcasting station. His hard work and creative mind created the largest digital Faith-based TV and Radio Station in Zambia. Within his business he is training young people in the art of broadcasting, reporting and the technical skills of broadcasting. His skills have created a philosophy that is creating jobs and teaching skills for life. He has been such a success that the country is looking to him to train other broadcasters in digital broadcasting. Zambia has been in an analogy system and is now requiring broadcaster to convert to digital. Revelation TV Broadcasting, Chifita's company, has been called upon to help the country in this conversion. 

Vice Chancellor, Prof. Donella Pitzl commented for this article. "I was privileged to present Stanford Chifita with his Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy in Humanities in Lusaka Zambia. This man was so humble and overwhelmed by this presentation. He later shared that he had been praying about what he should do because the country was going to require a degree for him to continue to own his own broadcasting company. When we met him and saw his work, Chief Chancellor Prof. Rivers and I felt we were to award him with this Honorary Degree. As it turned out, this was the answer to his prayers. He can now keep his life's work and move forward. It was an example of how powerful honor is and what can come from it. His work was an example of the heart of what UGCSI believes about skills and philosophy education."

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