Friday, March 17, 2017


Drasi Bua Caesar is a graduating PhD student from the Republic of South Sudan. He has been an exceptional student in the midst of much hardship in his country and challenges to complete his education. We are very honored to have this great man as a student and soon to be alumni with United Graduate College and Seminary International.


Drasi Bua Caesar writes:

I am so grateful and proud to be a student of United Graduate College and Seminary International for the last two years. In the first place, I thank the Board of Admission for accepting me to study in UGCSI.     

I have enrolled in United Graduate College and Seminary International to study a doctoral degree in Christian Leadership.  With great delight, I would like to testify that, I have enjoyed my studies at UGCSI for two main reasons:

1)    UGCSI courses are carefully selected to suit the contemporary challenges Christian leaders face in the ministry. The courses are designed to provide strategies appropriate to Christian leadership and its real life issues. The courses engage leaders in finding practical solutions to counteract their given situations.  
2)  UGCSI has well qualified and experienced instructors. In particular, I am so grateful to Professor Donella Pitzl.  She took me through my course work and dissertation, her intrinsic motivation born out of deep seated passion for educating a man like me, has became a source of inspiration to me.  That is, her thorough and smart academic work in mentoring and her exhibition of high degree of mastery of the subject posed a great impression on me. An impact I will ever live to emulate. She is such a wonderful mentor, with the spirit of patience, focus and promptness with evaluation of assignments I have sent to her.

For sure, all those who went through UGCSI and through whom UGCSI went would agree with me on this fact. Henceforth, join me friends to blow the trumpet of UGCSI’s goodness wherever you are  serving the Almighty God.     

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