Friday, March 17, 2017


Rev. Klero Ingayo has completed his Masters Degree in Christian Leadership. He has been such an inspiration to many around him and has skillfully attracted other students to UGCSI in South Sudan. Klero Ingayo is a pastor that has great influence in his country and works along side others that represent UGCSI in South Sudan. Together they are working to help their country come to peace and realize their need for true Godly Leadership to help guide this new republic. We are very happy to have this great man as part of our UGCSI family.


Rev. Ingayo wrote these words to us:

I am Rev. Klero Onuha Ingayo, a South Sudanese by nationality, born on January 27th, 1967 in Lohutok, South Sudan, and was raised up in a non-Christian family. I became involved in Church activities in 1974 such as Sunday school, youth programs and now I’m a pastor. Thus, I strongly believed and felt that God has a purpose for me to do some definite ministry, specifically among my tribesmen who have not heard the message of Salvation and even beyond to the unreached people of South Sudan. That is why God directed me to UGCSI to be equipped for this great service. I have decided willingly to service in order to win to bring leadership improvement to the church.

Now I’m the program manager for the Bible Society South of South Sudan, writing project proposals and running the trauma healing program. It is not an easy responsibility as our country is going through political and economic crisis and conflicts is all around the country. What I have in my mind is what I have learned from UGCSI. I did learn leadership and it has helped me as I’m managing this Church institution.  I use what I learned from UGCSI and pray that God will use me to be an example in this institution. My appreciation to the Board of UGCSI, Chief Chancellor Clyde Rivers, Chancellor Michal Pitzl, and my Professor Donella Pitzl.

God blessings to you all,
Klero Onuha Ingayo

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