Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Prof. Donella Pitzl (center) with other recipients

Professor Dr. Donella Pitzl, Vice Chancellor of United Graduate College and Seminary International, has been nominated to the prestigious level of a Fellow of the Brinson Institute. This award is given to academic scholars that have excelled and brought new knowledge into the realm of academia. Vice Chancellor Pitzl, with her award winning Innovative Leadership Program, has been qualified by the Board of Regents of the Brinson Institute to be appointed a Fellow in the area of Human Development.

Her Innovative Leadership education model has been used to facilitate peace accords in nations. It is being used in education models and for some, because of their education in Professor Donella’s Innovative Leadership training, they have been nominated for major awards and are changing their communities.

Professor Pitzl says, “A special thank you to United Graduate College and Seminary International for giving me the ability to be innovative and creative in building curriculum that is going all over the world. I am very overwhelmed by this gesture from the Brinson Institute to appoint me as a Fellow, thank you Dr. Sylvester Paul Brinson III and your Board of Regents. The Brinson Institute has 30 different schools working within their auspice. This recognition comes with my highest regards.”

“At UGCSI we are bringing a new model of education to international Christian education.” Professor Donella goes on to say. “An education based on skills AND philosophy. Education to the world through UGCSI is changing; we are bringing a new model. We are looking to draw out the individual students’ contribution to the world. If our education model can accomplish this, then we will see a much better world around us. A world with everyone bringing their God-given gift to the table of life. Developing mankind into their unique ability to help the world is at the heart of my desire as an educator. The importance of this Fellow with the Brinson Institute gives me the ability to further my philosophy of education worldwide.”

In addition to the offering of the Fellow with Brinson Institute, Professor Donella Pitzl has been awarded the prestigious global World Civility Ambassador Award, first given to Former President of Zambia, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, one of the last living freedom fighters for the continent of Africa. Professor Donella has also received a Golden Rule International World Peace Ambassadorship. 

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